What is the difference to other technologies?

The Zell-Check was developed for a detailed study of the bio-availability of minerals, micro-nutrients, and heavy metals in living tissue. The measurement takes place on the skin of the palm of the hand. So you can observe what is happening directly in the tissue, and not only in the secretions, which are much less stable. In fact, in the urine you only see what the body has expelled. Hairs provide information about what happened in the body a few weeks, or even months before. Blood shows only what is in the circulatory system. With the Zell-Check examination, it is possible to observe what happens in the tissue, and thus intracellular bio-availability is assessed. These measurements are different and complement one another.

What are the advantages for the patient?

The patient performs his/her Zell-Check test in real time and for reasonable price. The result can be evaluated immediately. The patient benefits from personal care and can track how his/her analysis evolves over time.

Does the Zell-Check yield the same results as a blood test?

The two measurements provide different dimensions for understanding as well as information about minerals and metabolism. They complement each other in this respect and are necessary for a complete understanding of the patient.

Is the Zell-Check clinically proven?

The device was confirmed by our scientific team on the basis of a comprehensive series of comparative studies on the clinical symptoms of the patients. In addition, correlations with other measurement methods could be observed.

Can the Zell-Check be used in the examination of children?

Yes, a Zell-Check measurement can also be carried out on children 2 years and older.

Which operating system is required to use the Zell-Check software?

The Zell-Check software is available for both Windows and MacOS.

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