The Zell-Check

The Zell-Check from Projekt Gesundheit is a revolutionary method for measuring the bio-availability of micro-nutrients, minerals, toxic heavy metals, and oxidative stress, directly in the doctor’s office in real time.

The Zell-Check is based on spectral photometry and allows several application groups such as physicians and nutritionists to perform a stable, reproducible measurement of the most important minerals and toxic metals, directly at the cell level.

Therefore, the Zell-Check is a revolutionary tool compared to what is currently available on the market.

Zell-Check Koffer und Zell-Check Software
Zell-Check Koffer und Zell-Check Software


Zell-Check publication by Dr. rer. nat. Dirk Kuhlmann

“The Zell-Check in Daily Practice – Spectrophotometric Mineral and Metal Analysis”

Areas of Application

Number of Applications for the Zell-Check

Based on the Zell-Check results, a mineral deficiency and a heavy metal excess can be detected in the body. The Zell-Check is today used by medical professionals in numerous countries to perform a fast and accurate analysis of micro-nutrients, minerals, and heavy metals in the tissues of their patients and to use this in conjunction with a blood analysis. The two measurements provide different dimensions for understanding as well as information about minerals and metabolism. They complement each other in this respect and are necessary for a complete understanding of the patient.


Free radicals are an athlete’s greatest enemy. Any excessive physical activity increases oxidative stress. That is why every modern athlete’s care is regularly monitored for the balance between antioxidant defense and oxidative stress as well as metabolism.


Mineral substances (macro- and micro-nutrients) play a decisive role in the proper functioning of an organism. A daily intake is very important because the human body cannot make it by itself. Immediate steps can be recommended by means of a Zell-Check measurement to compensate for a measured deficiency.


The Zell-Check offers a complete and personalized examination for the optimal care of the patient (e.g. nutrition, food supplements, exercise, etc.). The customer benefits from personalized care as well as nutritional advice and can understand how his/her analysis evolves over time.


The Zell-Check is the ideal supplement to the initial and demand analysis in the health-oriented fitness area. This allows training programs to be appropriately adapted and dietary guidelines can be adjusted directly to the trainer’s needs. Furthermore, all individual progress can be monitored in parallel.


As an alternative medical practitioner, a detailed history of the patient is very important in order to work successfully. A meaningful examination must be carried out in order to be able to compile a necessary treatment plan. The Zell-Check allows for a fast, painless examination. The measurement is done directly with a portable spectrometer connected to a computer. The results can be evaluated immediately.

Become a Zell-Check Analysis Center

Take full advantage of the Zell-Check and become a certified Zell-Check analysis center.


From Our Partners
armonic - Nicole Kloke

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is at the center of my daily activities; as a result, I pay close attention to nutrition. Optimizing our diet provides the body with energy, increases the willingness to perform, and provides both physical and mental/spiritual well-being. The targeted use of micro-nutrients – vitamins, micro-nutrients, amino acids and fatty acids has given me a very successful support in my work as a physiotherapist and personal trainer for a many years. The Zell-Check is a great way for me to precisely and reproducibly measure both deficits in cell supply, as well as heavy metal stresses and oxidative stress in therapy and training care, and to correctly display them graphically for the patient/athlete.


Nicole Kloke


Klinik im Leben Greiz

The Klinik im LEBEN in Greiz / Vogtland is a center for natural biological-integrative medicine. The basis of our therapies is a comprehensive functional and performance diagnosis on the physical, mental, and psychological level.

We have recently included the Zell-Check into our diagnostic program. The measurement of important minerals and micro-nutrients on cellular level, as well as statements about heavy metal contamination are a valuable addition to our diagnosis. In addition, the Zell-Check is ideal for outpatient applications, to occupational health care and private preventive use.


Klinik im Leben

Administrative Director Dipl. Ing. Gunter Stöhrl

7 Advantages of the Zell-Check

A whole concept for health
  • The concentrations of minerals and toxic metals are directly measured at the cell level.
  • The determination of minerals micro-nutrients and toxins is more reliable and accurate than any blood saliva or urine analysis.
  • The measurement is currently in contrast to the hair analysis in which the measured concentration is partly built 6 to 12 months ago.
  • The measurement is very stable reproducible and not dependent on the time of day.
  • Therefore false negatives aren't an issue.
  • With a comparison of many minerals as well as micro-nutrients and toxic metals a Vitality-Check shows which body systems could be endangered.
  • Immediate therapeutic steps are possible thanks to immediate results.

Note: The Zell-Check is a medical device according to § 12 MPBetreibV. We expressly point out that the information provided does not replace any diagnosis or medical advice.